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This Evo 9 with ONE owner came to our door with a few issues that have been bothering the owner and has bothered a few tuners in the past. The customer wanted our technicians to locate the issue with the car, service & install some upgrades in the engine compartment.


Full service was carried out on the vehicle. After servicing the clients vehicle our qualified technicians found the issues promptly from years of experience with Evo’s. Past human errors our team has found such as front balance shaft timing being out by a full 360 degrees, causing an engine harmonic & vibration. The Fuel Pump Pre-filter was not the correct size for the car enabling it to hit the bottom of the tank, thus pushing it on an angle upwards, which breaks the peg on the bottom of the fuel pump.


The team then progressed to removing the head, as some light porting was to be performed. The head was then reassembled using upgraded ARP head studs. Next onto the intake manifold, a Plazmaman intake manifold was fitted. Also a new HKS timing kit featuring a new water pump & genuine Evo oil seals were added. Fuel system was next on the list, the vehicle then received all new braided fuel lines and fittings throughout the car. Engine bay wiring was cleaned up along the way as a bonus. An increased in size for the engine breather was installed, to complement the cars extra power. 880cc injectors were used in the build as the client wanted to stay on 98 premium unleaded. Fuel intake filter was then changed out for a fresh/new filter. ATP Gold Turbocharger & the Kelford 272 Camshafts are outstanding with everything installed in the build.


Onto the Dyno, the vehicle made a neat & snappy 244KW at all four with only 23PSI of boost on BP 98 Premium Unleaded. The power was achieved whilst still retaining a 200cell catalytic convertor, thus giving it a restriction.


Most importantly the owner was very impressed & satisfied on how much faster the vehicle feels on the road & there’s talk of further modifications to the car with our team at Step Up. The one owner Evo 9 a very rare & pleasure to be a part of this build. The culmination of all parts & improvements to the vehicle made it perform like an outstanding machine.

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