Customer bought in an EVO 8 GSR with an abundance of problems one being a tune issue that made it run not to full potential & also losing coolant in the process.


The vehicle had a lifted head, thus causing pressure in the cooling system enabling coolant loss. Head Gasket was damaged & the head needed a service.


Head gasket was changed out, the head was then serviced accordingly then refitted out with upgraded head studs & installed a timing belt kit for an amazing price point. Full one hundred thousand kilometre service was performed with a beautiful outcome. All fluids were changed in the motor vehicle, as well as an Active Centre Diff & Active Yaw Control flushes were also completed.


Our customer then wanted a stainless exhaust manifold & intercooler kit with silicone pipes. Cosmetic, performance & satisfaction improvements were achieved.


Power upgrades have also been obtained, accomplished with 220+ KW at all four wheels on 98 octane, making the EVO a responsive yet reliable car to drive. The vehicle runs 23 psi on a safe tune through a Evolution 9 Turbo. Suspension was adjusted accordingly & the wheels aligned to improve handling. The power was made whilst still maintaining a high flow catalytic converter.


The little yet feisty beast is responsive & a pleasure to drive, also corners like it’s on rails. The overall look of the vehicle is simply clean, reliable but yet aggressive. Step Up Automotive is proud to present this EVOLUTION 8 GSR.

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