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Customer bought in a CLA AMG 45 for a log book service & wanting more power. Step Up qualified & skilled technicians went to work on the modern master piece.


Full service was undertaken, all minor problems ironed out. For awesome value on a log book service for the high end vehicle. FREE injector clean carried out also!


The motor vehicle then carried on to the Step Up Performance side of the shop and began undertaking performance upgrades. An upgraded exhaust was fitted to the car with a high flow catalytic converter to give the vehicle an amazing note on down shifts, moving up through the gears & also at idle. The intermediate pipe was also replaced due to its oval shape.


Technicians then proceeded to carry out a turbo dump pipe upgrade, to improve boost through the turbo. Thus adding more power to the engine safely, as reliability is key for our customers. Air is then needed for this turbo pulling more air as PSI increases. A high flow air filter was then installed to help with air flow. Our team then moved onto removing the engine ECU, thus allowing the Stage 2 Tune to be installed.


The beastly CLA completed with an outstanding result & most importantly a happy customer. Producing boost in the range of mid twenties to thirty PSI, all the upgrades and the service maintaining warranty gave the CLA a snappy 300-315kw (claimed) at the wheels.

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